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A meal @ viewpoint cafe and restaurant

Viewpoint cafe and restaurant

Luang Prabang
Price: $1 - 8

Ever wanted to enjoy a meal by a cascading waterfall in nature? Ever wanted to enjoy a meal quietly and far away from the huzz and buzz of a city? Congratulation, you have just hit the jackpot as this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a meal tucked away in nature.

They offer various settings for you to choose from sitting down on a floor covered with a beautiful straw mat, traditional Laos way, or sitting down on a wooden bench and table, like in a picnic setting.

Expectations of food

1. Fish Laap

Imagine taking your very first bite, a burst of tanginess fills your mouth as it transitions into the realm of spiciness. All this happens while the tender fish mince slowly melts in your mouth. This delicate dish, Fish Laap, is an extraordinary concoction of 12 different kinds of spices. During the preparation of the dish, the fish meat is carefully removed from the bone of the body, minced and boiled slowly to ensure tenderness while the rest of the fish is deep-fried till crisp.

2. Homemade Spring Rolls with Pork and vegetables

This is Homemade Spring Rolls with Pork and vegetables. It is so crispy good that you can literally hear “crunch crunch” as you savour it. It is prepared using freshly picked vegetables from Nahm Dong Park and minced pork. To top it off, you can dip the rolls into their specially prepared peanut sauces.

3. Fried sweet potatoes

Fried sweet potatoes is a rare side dish, as it is usually cooked with other ingredients. However, it is prepared as a stand-alone side dish. Despite being fried, it still retains a very delicate, soft and tender taste. The sweetness inside of it will sweep your feet away as you taste it.

What's makes it special is that it is prepared using their very own homegrown sweet potato harvested from Nahm Dong Park itself, making it 100% natural and organic. 

4. Butterfly pea

It is a very refreshing herbal drink to have especially under the sweltering heat. It also offers various health benefits like improving eyesight, hair growth and skin, it also acts as a great antioxidant. The perfect drink to complement a meal too!!


It offers a great scenic view to dine in, a perfect place for family, couples and friends to enjoy themselves. What's more, almost all of their ingredients used come from their park itself, allowing consumers to enjoy goodness from the gardens.


Estimated price range from $1 USD to $8 USD, with the average dish being $4 USD.