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Mekong Cycling & Kayaking
Mekong Cycling & Kayaking
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Mekong Cycling & Kayaking


Green Discovery


1 Day

Start Price

$ 205





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Green Discovery Office

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Family Without Young Children , Friends , Solo , couple



Things To Do

Day 1


Vientiane > Ban Mai > Vientiane

The trip begins at 9am. The meeting point will be at our sales office in downtown Vientiane. From here, the trip begins as we begin cycling out of the city. After a short while, city quickly turns into countryside and we continue onwards cycling along the Mekong River where you can enjoy the beautiful views across the river and into neighboring Thailand. After a few KM, it is time to turn off and head towards Ban Tong pong village. From the village, we continue along the canal which takes its source from the nearby Mekong River and is used to irrigate nearby rice paddy fields and cycling through a Khmu village. As we carry on cycling despite the relative close proximity to the bustling city, you will certainly feel like you are a million miles away! Enjoy the peace and serenity as you watch the local people going about their everyday tasks. 

Carrying onwards we head through some dirt tracks which take us through rice fields and forest, the trail can get a little muddy and sandy along the way but really takes us away from everything and will immerse us in nature. Along the way, we may see the local people tending to their rice paddy fields depending on the time of the year. The trail leads us back to a tarmac road. From this place, we cycle along the main road which is freshly paved and very smooth yet relatively quiet in terms of traffic. We shall begin with a slight ascend which from there, the remainder of the cycling takes us on a steady downhill until arriving in the village of Ban Mai which sits on the banks of the Mekong. It is here that we make the transition from land to water as we kayak down the Mekong River back to Vientiane. However, before our kayaking, it is time to enjoy lunch at Nu Na restaurant.

After your lunch and taking short transfer to jungle temple which is located closed by and take sometimes here before return to Ban Mai where you will don your lifejackets and board your kayaks for the journey downstream back to Vientiane. Along the way, you will enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river as you head along the border between Laos and Thailand, of course staying on the Lao side during the entirety. The Mekong River is home to several river islands (‘Don’ in Lao). Along the way, we visit one of the largest ‘Don Xing Xou’ which is used as for farming, taking advantage of the year round fertility. It is also home to a beautiful beach at the far end in dry season!

We carry onwards kayaking down the Mekong until we arrive back in Vientiane. The trip ends just outside the city centre. From here, you will be collected via truck and taken back to your hotel in afternoon.

Approximately: Cycling 25 km, kayaking 16km