Sengkham Xungheu


Sengkham Xungheu


- I am Lee. I became a tour guide since the year of 2005. Now I married with 3 kid.

I am a writer and I love taking photo, supporting people I also love learning about people and lifestyle.

- I love being tour guide because speaking English was very interested to me and I learn a lot of new thing. Being a tour guide is kind of an ambassador to communicate with people from many country and representative to promote laos to the world I felt my world was bigger especially earn more to support my family to be able living in the city because I came from countryside.

The group like me because I am always try my best and respect their choice, treat them well and help them I am also open and encourages them, support and give them right information, enjoyable and let's them interact with local.

- When the group with me.  I follow the the tour program which My Lao Tour offered and show them about Laos, about culture, lifestyle try lao food, shopping and participation activities I also show them some not expectation program but make sure it is safe not take risk and not impact to the company and the group. I always check if they have any wish list when they are travelling in laos if possible, I could help them to make it happened and make sure the grogram past their 5 sense or unforgettable experience between local and the group.


41 years old




19 year(s)


Luang Prabang


Louangphrabang, Laos


Ban Phou Sang Kham, Luang Prabang, Laos



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