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Date: 04/10/2019

About Us


A committed and diverse team from different industries and experiences:

Ninthala Keokhamphet
General Manager

Ninthala, or Nin for short, was a monk for 6 years during his childhood days, and gained a deeper appreciation for the culture and history of Laos. Nin is now the General Manager and runs the operations and planning for the hospitality side of the business.

Benny Kong
Programme Director

A firm believer that Laos has much to offer in terms of Tourism to the world. Benny is the Programme Director and runs business development and strategic planning for Discover Laos Today.

Anousone Phachanthavong
Director of IT and Media

AP Solution & Seven Digital
Founder of Seven Digital Company that provide sale and services of Xerox machines. He has master degree in IT from Australia. experiences: 6 years at Toyota Technical Center Australia as CAD System Administrator. 1 Year at Toyota Motor Corporation Japan as CAD Administrator 3D.


Creative Director, Explorer

An avid photographer and explorer, Danou manages to creative and marketing side of tour planning and operations. 


Mission:  To enrich Laos’ tourism offerings to the world and promote sustainable tourism, by working hand in hand with local businesses.

Vision:  Steeped in Buddhist traditions, Laos is an under-recognised natural masterpiece.  That’s why we believe that, through Discovering Laos Today, you can liberate your happiest self.

Why Us?  Leading travel since 2008, our professional local knowledge opens up to you a Laos few travelers get to experience and enables you to navigate this authentic and thrilling country. Immerse yourself into each unique culture and open your eyes to new ways of life. Make a difference in the local communities you visit. DiscoverLaos with ease, connect with Laotians through their infectious smiles and find yourself feeling right at home.

  • Local and localized.  Not only do we have native Lao-speakers, but we also have native English-speakers.  We are domain experts not due to either choice or circumstances, but to both choice and circumstances.
  • Interwoven with the community.  With over 300 registered tour operators, hotels and restaurants as our partners, we are connected widely and deeply within Laos.  Whatever your desires may be, we can provide a solution – even if it’s customised
  • Our heart, sweat, and tears.  As an endeavour between friends, we have worked on this dream since 2006.  We have too much at stake for your safety and satisfaction, as well as the sustainability of our programs, to not be taken care of.

Our Impact.  We work closely with local communities and boost social mobility by exposing local SMEs to an international audience and retooling their skills to align with the growing tourism industry.  And, in encouraging travellers to explore an exciting external world, we shine light on their internal world.

Contact Us. 

Laos Office : 

  • Email:
  • Phone:  +856 20 9528 5811
  • Address.  04-05, Hua Xieng Village, Luang Prabang, Laos

Thailand Office : 

  • Email:
  • Phone:  +66 2636 1288
  • Address.: 35/3 Soi Yommarat Saladaeng Silom Bangrak Bangkok Thailand 10500-05