Update on Laos' COVID epidemic situation in early December 2020
Update on Laos' COVID epidemic situation in early December 2020


Update on Laos' COVID epidemic situation in early December 2020


Laos continues to have great success in fighting the spread of the virus. The sudden increase in infections detected was 14, but these patients have all been isolated and treated at government facilities. All patients arrived on a charter flight. The government responded by banning all charter flights in and out of Laos. It is unclear how long this ban will last.

There are currently no known cases of community transmission in Laos.

A Chinese citizen who is believed to have entered Laos illegally and then returned to China has tested positive for COVID. This person is believed to have spent time in Boten district, Luang Namtha province. The Boten district has since been locked down and entry and exit to the district is now prohibited. Unconfirmed reports on social media suggest police in the area are extremely vigilant and have asked foreigners to leave the province.

38 Chinese nationals deported to Jinghong after entering Laos illegally

Elsewhere in Laos, the situation is extremely positive. People can move freely and are not required to wear masks. Remote villages are wary of strangers, but large towns and cities are happy to see visitors. The Lao Thiao Lao (Lao Travel Lao) campaign to promote domestic tourism is in full swing with many attractive deals on hotels and flights for everyone in Laos.

For anyone stuck in Laos and trying to leave, options are extremely limited. All land borders remain closed. All charter flights are currently suspended. There are weekly World Food Program flights but only for NGO and embassy staff. If you need to leave Laos, please seek advice from your embassy.

For travelers stranded in Laos, the government continues to offer unlimited visa extensions for tourist visas.


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