Lao's COVID Update for the start of November 2020
Lao's COVID Update for the start of November 2020


Lao's COVID Update for the start of November 2020


Laos continues to be dealing well with the pandemic. There are currently no cases of community transmission in Laos. There have been a total of 24 cases so far, with all but one patient having recovered. The remaining patient is currently being treated in a government facility.

Travel into Laos is extremely difficult, only open to select groups including experts, NGO workers, diplomats, and Lao nationals. No tourist visas are being issued. Anyone entering Laos must undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine at a government approved facility. 

However there are no travel restrictions within Laos. The Lao Thiao Lao (Lao Travel Lao) campaign to promote domestic tourism is in full swing with great deals on hotels and flights available for everyone in Laos. Villagers in remote areas are wary of strangers, but tourism hotspots like Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang are excited to welcome guests. According to reports in Lao media some restrictions will be eased, including a ban on karaoke bars and nightclubs. 

For anyone stuck in Laos and trying to leave, options are extremely limited. All land borders remain closed with a few exceptions. There are a small number of charter flights scheduled for November. There is a weekly World Food Program flight but that is only available to NGO and embassy staff. If you need to leave Laos, please seek advice from your embassy. 

For travellers stuck in Laos, the government continues to offer unlimited visa extensions for tourist visas.


David Ormsby

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