DiscoverLaos.Today in Southern Laos!
DiscoverLaos.Today in Southern Laos!


DiscoverLaos.Today in Southern Laos!


Southern Laos has a strong destination brand and identifies focused on the local natural environment, cultural richness, and diversity. To appeal to domestic as well as regional travelers, to maintaining Southern Laos at ‘top of mind’ for target visitors. It's necessary to promoting and showing destinations as well as products to these markets.

In order to have Strong digital media products to reach those audiences, Swisscontact invited Discover Laos Today to Pakse on behalf of the Marketing Task Force (MTF) of Southern Laos for a scoping trip in July 2020. The purpose of the trip was to introduce the services of Discover Laos Today, identify the potential for short promotional videos to be developed for the 4 provinces of Southern Laos (Champasak, Salavanh, Sekong, and Attapeu) and an overall Southern Laos destination, and to identify the potential for private sector partners to showcase products on the Discover Laos Today website and booking platform. Discover Laos Today will be there in October and stay for the whole month to produce the videos. 

The objectives of this assignment are: 

1. Develop one destination video for the 4 provinces/ Southern Laos overall destination. 

2. Develop media content with local tour operators/ attraction owners to showcase on the Discover Laos Today website and booking platform (one-minute attraction videos/ 360o virtual tours).



Having honed her skills in social work through the handicraft sector, Aon is now part of the social media and content creation team. She is skilled in researching and discovering unique strategies to reach out to larger audiences/followers on many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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