Support Solidarity Canteen Luang Prabang
Support Solidarity Canteen Luang Prabang


Support Solidarity Canteen Luang Prabang


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many families have lost their jobs and hardly sustain their day-to-day livelihood, especially those from rural areas. 

Solidarity Canteen is found to provide food assistance and lessen hunger during this tough time. Every day, this nonprofit serves lunch for everyone from 11 to 1PM at Institut Français du Laos à Luang Prabang

Watch the video above to learn more about them!

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Chithanh Minimart

As part of our motto to Uplift Laos for a better tomorrow. DiscoverLaosToday has participated to create a video for Solidarity Canteen Luang Prabang and fundraised a total of 16,450,000 KIP in cash donation to the canteen. We would like to thank our generous partners and donors who have responded to our fundraising campaign.

Khamphat Money Exchange: 4,000,000 KIPS

BanLao Holdings: 8,450,000 KIPS

MyLaoHome Hotel & Spa: 2,000,000 KIPS

DiscoverLaosToday: 2,000,000 KIPS




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