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Xieng Khouang
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“your home away from home".

Welcome to Malyhotel

The well run Maly Hotel is located in Phonsavanh town, Xieng Khouang province, Lao P.D.R – offering 26 comfortable rooms, with private bathrooms. Special touches give guest room a distinctive Lao personality and charm, because we combine modern international with traditional Lao style to atmosphere for all of Maly guests. The spirit of traditional Lao hospitality and warm welcome from Maly staffs will give you a feeling of “your home away from home".

Sousath is the first man who opened Plain of Jars for public and he survived through the secret war.

A tearful reunion with his parents and long-lost siblings followed in Vientiane. Sometime later Sousath was sent to study finance in East Germany. Seven years later he returned home and got work in a Bank. Bored with that he left and over the years that followed he moved around a lot, holding down a very variety of jobs including private detective, disc jockey, singer, auditor Then, in Phonsavanh, he came across one of his old teachers who persuaded him to settle down in this northern town set amidts the strange but beautiful Plain of Jars, so named because masses of ancient stone jars scattered around three main sites.

Sousath who can speak German, English, French, Vietnamese and Thai so set himself up as a tour guide. Later he sent a proposal to official in Vientiane suggesting that the Plain of Jars be opened up to tourism. A first priority was clearing the UXO which littered the area. So, once again he put his live at stake clearing mines, living off money he received from the government.

Later on, tourists started to tickle in and with constant complaints about poor-quality food and accommodation, convinced him to build a hotel of his own. The hotel was completed in 1997 and Sousath named it after his daughter, Maly.

“When I arrived in Phonsavan, I knew that I’d be able to do some great work on Lao history. I knew I could open the jars to the world.”


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