Interning at Legacies of War! Summer 2020
Interning at Legacies of War! Summer 2020


Interning at Legacies of War! Summer 2020


Summer 2020 marks the first year interns are guided by the new Executive Director, Sera Koulabdara and Chief of Staff, Aleena Inthaly. This year has also been unique due to the environment of Covid-19. Interns were, unfortunately, unable to work at the office in Washington, DC but that still did not prevent them from getting work done. Through Zoom meetings, staff members and interns are able to connect to talk about upcoming projects, feedback, and also get to know each other. Interns also had the opportunity to meet board members, where they got life advice, fascinating stories, and career-related suggestions. 


Legacies of War interns also have the opportunity to cater to their internship experience to their abilities. The staff gives each intern the chance to speak about what they want to get out of their experience with Legacies. In addition to getting a catered unique experience, each intern has different responsibilities to fulfill for the team. Projects range from creating social media content, researching grants, writing reports, contributing to fundraising efforts, reaching out to donors, to planning huge events! It really depends on the current time of year. Once safe to travel, interns will have the opportunity to intern in Washington, DC. This is where they can attend congressional meetings with us, lobby on Capitol Hill, and work in our office. Until then, our interns are safely at home, getting work done.  


Not only do our interns perform high-level work, but our team also has a lot of fun together. Check out this video we recently made!  


Intern applications are accepted on a rolling basis, meaning students have the opportunity to intern with us during any semester or extended break. Applications should include a resume and CV that’s sent to our Chief of Staff, Aleena Inthaly. Her contact information is


In order to ensure our interns have a world-class experience, Legacies of War will be hosting a *virtual* Midsummer Movie Night on August 4th at 8pm EDT. We will be screening the film, “This Little Land of Mines,” directed by Erin McGoff. This event is “ticketed”, meaning that we will be accepting a recommended amount of $5 donation to help your internship program. All proceeds will be used to sustain, and build our internship program to be the best it can possibly be. At Legacies, we believe that in order to level the playing field, students could be compensated for their time. Not all students have the financial ability to take on an unpaid internship. In order to minimize the burden for students who come from low income households, and minority groups like immigrants from Laos, Legacies would like to invite those who are interested to register for this screening.



Legacies of War

Legacies of War is the leading international U.S.-based educational and advocacy organization working to address the impact of conflict in Laos during the Vietnam War era, including removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and survivor assistance. 

We are working toward a future of healing and hope in Laos when there are zero deaths and injuries from unexploded bombs, when all survivors receive the support that they need, and when people can farm and build on their land in safety and peace.