3 Days Kayaking/Rafting on NamHa and NamTha River
3 Days Kayaking/Rafting on NamHa and NamTha River


3 Days Kayaking/Rafting on NamHa and NamTha River



3 Days

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Physical Level

Easy - moderate

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Start Point

Discovering Laos office in Luang Namtha Province

Pick Up/Start Time

9 AM

Drop Off


End Point

Discovering Laos office in Luang Namtha Province

Drop Off/End Time

4-5 PM (Day 3)


Luang Namtha

Things To Do

Nam Ha National Protected Area


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Lao Resident


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Day 1


We meet at the Discovering Laos office at 9:00 am and hop aboard a tuk-tuk, which takes us directly to Tha Sae village and the start of our river adventure.  Following basic instructions on paddling techniques and safety we begin paddling down the gorgeous NamHa river, flowing directly through the heart of the protected biodiversity and conservation area.

After paddling down the fast-flowing river through exciting rapids we find a picturesque riverside setting for a Lao picnic lunch and, as highly recommended by all, a refreshing swim in the river.  Back on the river the current quickens and we encounter a thrilling series of rapids, set against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty, as lush jungle rises steeply from the riverbank and the air is filled with the sounds of wildlife. By 4:00 pm we reach Nalan village of the Khmu people, a remote settlement deep in the jungle and our home for the night. 

After meeting the locals and exploring the village you can take a dip in the river and relax. At 7:00 pm a delicious Lao dinner will be served, after which spend time socializing with the locals or head straight to bed at the comfortable eco-lodge or, as a gust of a Nalan family at their ​homestay.

Day 2


Wake up to the sound of village life with a tasty Lao breakfast and hot drink. At 10:00 am we begin paddling downriver, easing ourselves into the day with a couple of short visits to Khmu riverside villages.  Soon after we find ourselves paddling through a dramatic cascade of roaring rapids. 

As on the previous day we find a calm stretch of water and stop at a scenic spot for another delicious Lao picnic. After lunch we continue paddling downriver; the stunning beauty of the Namha landscape opens before us, as stretches of calm water offer the chance to spot tropical birds and aquatic wildlife. Before long the current grows in strength. We speed through a series of rapids and fast-flowing channels before emerging on the mighty Namtha River. By 3-4:00 pm we reach Houay Leuat village, our place to stay for the night.

At 7:00 pm our guides will have prepared and be ready to serve an authentic Lao dinner. Later that night, drift to sleep  to the sounds of the jungle in our eco-lodge, or at a village homestay.  

Day 3


Wake up to a tasty Lao breakfast and drinks, freshly prepared as always by our cheerful guides. At 10:00 am we start paddling downriver past a rustic landscape carved into a rich mosaic of cultivated jungles.  

After stopping off to visit a couple of quaint Khmu villages we stop on the river for a lunchtime picnic.Leaving behind the rice paddies and cultivated jungles, the river suddenly widens and the steep hills rising above become dense with lush tropical forest. Soon after we are tackling a dizzying number of exciting rapids, before reaching Hat Naleng village. We then return to the office by tuck-tuk for 4-5:00 pm​.