Akha Homestay Experience
Akha Homestay Experience


Akha Homestay Experience



2 Days

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Start Point

The Hiker Laos Office

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Day 1 starts at 08:30 AM

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End Point

The Hiker Laos Office

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Day 2 ends at 17:00 PM


Luang Namtha

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Nam Ha National Protected Area


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Lao Resident


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Day 1


Luangnamtha – Lakkhammai – Lakkhammai (Homestay)

You will start your Akha Homestay Experience journey at The Hiker office, where you will be introduced to your guide. We will depart from the town around 3 PM. We drive to the Akha village of Ban Lakkham Kao, along the way we will pass several villages (Khmu, Lantan, Black Tai) located along the road until we arrive at Ban Lakkhammai. Here we will spend the night with a local family, who are happy to have us at their house. Your guide will brief you on the Do’s and Don’ts while staying in the village. We take a short walk around the village. If it’s not too dark, your guide will accompany you for a short walk in the forest nearby the village. Feel free to help with preparing your local dinner, an opportunity to learn about local style cooking. Enjoy listening to storytelling by the elder of the village. You will sleep on basic bedding, local style.

Day 2


Akha village – Namgaen – Phieng Ngam – Luangnamtha

You will wake up in the morning, as the villagers go to work in the rice fields. You can either enjoy your morning coffee and walk around the peaceful village, observe the people implementing their daily routine or simply help with cooking breakfast. You could also walk a little into the forest near the village to see the insects and other small animals etc. We share a freshly made breakfast with the family before thanking them and saying goodbye. We depart by bike from the village and ride all the way back to the town. Along the way, your guide will take you to visit more villages (Black Tai & Red Tai) so you will have the opportunity to observe how the locals weave their clothes and dye indigo, you will visit a whisky distillery, and enjoy phenomenal views. We return to town in the afternoon around 4 PM.