Combined Adventure 1 – Kayaking & Trekking in Namha National Park
Combined Adventure 1 – Kayaking & Trekking in Namha National Park


Combined Adventure 1 – Kayaking & Trekking in Namha National Park



2 Days

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Physical Level

Moderate - Difficult

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Start Point

The Hiker Laos Office

Pick Up/Start Time

Day 1 starts at 08:30 AM

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End Point

The Hiker Laos Office

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Day 2 ends at 17:00 PM


Luang Namtha

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Nam Ha National Protected Area


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Lao Resident


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Day 1


Luang Namtha – Khmu Tribe Village – Local Rice Paddies Lodge

Begin with driving along the dirt road for half an hour, get a brief basic instruction of double kayaking and paddling safety, then start paddling down the river, facing some rapids and seeing the amazing wilderness of the Namha National Park along the right hand side. Witness some birds around while the fisherman are on their duty, have lunch picnicking on a tranquil riverbank, having organic local food, and take a swim in the calm water. Then we will keep going, sometimes stopping to visit some villages along the river until we will arrive at Hardyong village where we end our kayaking trip and where we will meet local people. From there we will walk for an hour to their valley rice paddies for the night lodging. You will learn how to cook the Lao way for your dinner and you can enjoy a peaceful night, sleeping in a shelter surrounded by the forest.

Day 2


Campsite – Dense Forest – Highest Peak Views – Riverboat – Luang Namtha

Fresh your morning up by a cup of coffee or tea, sitting lazy around the campfire until your breakfast is ready. After breakfast you will have to prepare your shoes and ensure you have enough water to climb up for three hours in the Namha National Park’s highest mount’s peak of the region. The hike is under the shade of big old trees with a big diversity of plants, herb medicine and some wildlife. On the top of mountain you will have a breathtaking view facing the different areas, like the town on the bottom or the large National Park forest’s fog sea. Lunch will be served along the way on your way down. Enjoy this trip with your guides by sharing their experience in the jungle or asking them about any query. They know a lot about the nature and how to use the forest sources. After 6h hike you will have to cross the river to the other side for a one and half hour transport back to the town.