Wild Thrill Trails Camping & Homestay
Wild Thrill Trails Camping & Homestay


Wild Thrill Trails Camping & Homestay



3 Days

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Physical Level

Moderate - Difficult

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Start Point

The Hiker Laos Office

Pick Up/Start Time

Day 1 starts at 09:00 AM

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End Point

The Hiker Laos Office

Drop Off/End Time

Day 3 ends at 17:00 PM


Luang Namtha

Things To Do

Nam Ha National Protected Area


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Lao Resident


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Day 1


Luang Namtha – Ban Chaleunsouk – Wild Banana Camp

After a 30 minute drive we will meet our local guide in the Ban Chaleunsouk village. We will commence the trek along a lovely valley where locals tend to do the farmland. We will continue up a steep mountain for an hour before start walking along the ridge, stopping for lunch along the way. We will walk under canopy forest through a maze of trails for three hours until we get to the jungle camp nestled on the bank of a serene river, the perfect setting for an authentic stay in the jungle. A further 15 minute walk will take you to the small falls where you can bath and relax. Then you will cook traditional Lao food with your guide. After dinner if you would like to do some night spotting for wildlife don’t hesitate to ask your guide to accompany you.

Day 2


Wild Banana Camp – Remote Khmu Village Homestay

On this day we will explore an unfrequented trail previously used by hunters. The terrain is more difficult therefore we take a shorter path so you still will have a chance to see some wildlife whilst leisurely hiking amongst the magnificent forest. Enjoy the exuberant jungle, climbing hills and crossing streams to get to the village where we will stay overnight with a local family in their wooden house. You will have a chance to immerse yourself into a captivating local life. Spend the evening chatting with locals, playing with kids or swimming in the tranquil Nam Ha River.

Day 3


Remote Khmu Village – Doi Lakkham – Luang Namtha

We will leave the village with delicious food prepared by our lovely host family, who will accompany us some of the way through the villages’ protected forest area. The jungle on the last day is even more fascinating and beautiful than before. The path is clear and wide enough for you to admire the 70 meter tall trees which many different species of birds and animals inhabit, i.e. squirrels, monkeys, civets etc. You will feel really close to nature as you explore this rich jungle. Then we will walk on to the peak of the mount before descending to the bottom where we finish our wild thrill trails trek.