Luang Prabang is renowned for waterfalls like Kuang Si and Tad Sae, but over in Chomphet you’ll find a waterfall that is just as impressive but without the hoards of tourists. Hoi Khua Waterfall is 100 metres high and during the rainy season it is a truly awesome spectacle as it gushes down the cliff face and into the jungle below. Depending on the time of year, this waterfall is a great place to cool down on a hot day – with many safe pools to swim in. Lao Green has created a lovely picnic area next to the falls with small open-air huts where you can sit with your friends and enjoy the serenity. A short walk away you’ll find a beautiful flower park.

There is a local legend about this waterfall. A long time ago soldiers came to take over a village near Hoi Khua Waterfall. Fearing the soldiers, the local people went to hide inside the cave behind the flowing water. For many days they sought shelter inside the hollow but soon the soldiers started to hear voices in the cave so they got a very large boulder and blocked the entrance. According to the tale, 100 families died inside the cave and the location of their bodies and the entrance remains a mystery to this day.