Being one of the top attractions in the Khammouane Province, this viewpoint allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature, as never before in the natural beauties of Phou Hin boun National Protected Area. Specially developed by our lovely partner, Green Discover Laos, It is the tourist destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. In spite of the fascinating atmosphere created by the never-ending limestone mountains and gush waterfalls hidden in the virgin forest, it is one of the least known natural wonders of Laos. From the bottom to the peak of breath-taking Rock View Point, you will experience the unforgettable hike, a huge climb, zip-line, spider-net and via ferrata all in one!

Since Phou Pa Marn is one of the country’s most pristine and untouched natural feature, it is intended to be a future conservation of the country’s National Protected Area. Hence, with a sustainable tourism in mind, avoiding a negative blueprint on the environment as little as possible is mandatory and promoting community-oriented travel destination in which the nearby region’s economy will be boosted.

Inthira Group, known for its top of the line hotels and restaurants will add a special touch to the attraction. The group will manage the viewpoint’s “Kop Jai Der” Restaurant, creating a wide range of food choices from fresh products.

This supports Green Discovery Laos’ desire to revitalize the region’s economy, where by it involves local communities in its sustainable development.

“We think that Phou Hin Boun has a huge potential for sustainable activities. People has been passing by the park for a long time, but now we want to give them the opportunity to go further into the area and explore it’s amazing nature and unique wildlife from a closer point of view. GDL wants tourism to preserve the beauty of the park and involve the local communities so it truly benefits the area”, said Inthy Deuansavanh, Green Discovery Laos’ president.

An extraordinary addition to the range of section of sustainable attractions one can enjoy in Laos. A must-stop viewpoint for all who are exploring the paths of central Laos. Phu Pha Marn will act as a Tourist Information Centre, for all visitors in the province, serving as a focal point for those wanting to explore the villages, adventures and waterfalls in the area.

So, do you always seek for new challenges? If yes, go immerse yourself in one of the unspoilt nature in Laos. Add this to your travel bucket list now and save the date! The attraction is officially open from 15 December 2019!

Where exactly is it?

The attraction is located at the conservation national park in Ban Na Hin, Mueang Koun District, Kham Mouane Province. Departing from Vientiane to the spot takes about 4-5 hours by bus or car.  If you are in Kham Mouane Province, it will take about 2-3 hours to get there.

There will also be a tourist information center available for those who are visiting the province.

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