Luang Prabang Yoga, the Yoga Co-op in Luang Prabang, Offering Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats and More!

Luang Prabang Yoga is a cooperative of independent yoga teachers who offer yoga in Luang Prabang's most beautiful locations. Together with the students who live or have travelled here, we're a unique yoga community that believes in the connection between nature and yoga. We support various establishments and teachers by holding classes, retreats and workshops at different locations around town. As part of our model, we step outside of the yoga studio to practice in places we know you'll remember for a long time. Join us for a picture perfect view of the Nam Khan River or zen out in our cosy main street studio for an evening yoga session. Our community of teachers and students has grown beyond the borders of Laos and is now a truly global entity. 

Highly Recommended 
Chill by day. Groove by night. A multipurpose cafe/bar/lounge with a riverside yoga deck and a beach volleyball court.

Utopia is located along the Nam Khan River on the "other side" of the Phousi Temple hill. You can get around the hill from either side of the night market/main street. Do not cross the river at any point or you are definitely going in the wrong direction! The walk is less than 10 minutes unless you stop to enjoy the views. The streets and pathways are well-lit and you will be rewarded once you find Utopia!

Path #1
From the corner near The Sports Bar, walk down the hill about 50 meters and turn left down the alleyway next to the Silapa Restaurant and follow the signs. 

Path #2
Same as #1 except if you go past Silapa Restaurant, continue 15 meters and take a left down the alleyway and turn right after the tiny bridge. If you are at the gas station, then you have missed the alleyway.

Path #3
Best if you're walking. Walking along the Nam Khan River, with the river to your left, you will pass by Red Bull Bar. Just behind Red Bull Bar is Coconut Luang Prabang, where there is an alleyway that leads to the temple ground (alleyway is to the right of Coconut Luang Prabang and leads to the temple grounds). Walk across the tempe grounds, down the stairs, and follow the signs to Utopia.

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Sansany Charity Yoga - Every Sunday, Sansany a native Lao Yoga trainer actively promote healthy living through giving Yoga lessons at Avani Hotel. The fee for expats is 40,000 KIPS and locals 30,000 KIPS. All collections are donated to support education center, The language project (@Mylibrary) in, Luang Prabang. Why not exercise to feel good and do good at the same time? Follow her facebook