Sustainable Tourism is a hot buzz word and if so, Luang Prabang should be hottest sustainable tourism experiences in Laos. 

Other than award winning social entreprises such as Lao Buffalo Diary and Ock Pop Tok which are already mentioned previously.

Numerious Locals and Foreigners who are here found many causes that they are willing to champion and here are some of the organizations that have provided outstanding support to Laos. 

Big Brother/Sister Mouse 

Since 2006, They've been publishing books that make literacy fun for Lao children, as well as a growing number of books for older readers. They also do hands-on education. You can help, and also have an enriching travel exerience by volunteering your time to engage or practise with the locals students. 

- Read a picture book with several first-graders

- Play a board game with third-graders.

- Have a 45-minute conversation with a young adult and more

They are located right in the heart of town behind 3 Nagas Restaurant. For more information check out

Luang Prabang Disabled School 

Enjoy their handicrafts shop that supports the deaf community. A school for deaf&mute children has been created in 2008 to educate&re-insert the deaf children into the local community. The older ones learn one job. The girls have the opportunity yo weave&develop their skills. Here you can experience the local culture through sustainable tourism.

A unique place where you can buy local handicrafts of a training center & vocational school for deaf youths. Recently, they have also open their cafe at the school/dormitory located 100m behind the Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital. 

Trash Idol

TRASH IDOL is a cleaning event held frequently in Luang Prabang where volunteers would come together and clean up the city after special events like Lao New Year, Boat Racing Festival.

Every last sunday of the month, volunteers from local communities groups such as schools, hotels, tour companies and individual gather to clean up an area of Luang Prabang Town

Mission statement: We are looking to raise awareness of environmental issues and educate our young and local citizens in order to change their behaviours. We hope to make Luang Prabang a “clean and green” place for all of us.

Uplift Laos by DiscoverLaos Team

A series of community projects which we work with schools and corporations, we aim to “uplift” the lives of the Laotians, especially those living in the rural areas.

With our expertise, we have helped schools and corporations to plan their community service trips to Laos. Some of the previous projects include building bio-sand filtration system (Project MyLaoDrinkingWater) and solar panel to provide clean drinking water and electricity respectively. More than 20 Villages in Luang Prabang and Oudomxai uplifted. Find out more on through our success stories page. 

More updates coming soon