Don Det and Don Khone are the next most popular islands, after Don Khong. Both islands offer relaxing bungalow accommodation and an island pace of life. From Don Det, rafting and kayaking trips can also be arranged that take you into the heart of the 4000 Islands.

Don Khone is joined with Don Det by a historic railway bridge built by the French in 1910. Next to the bridge sits an old locomotive, one of the last remnants of the railway. In addition, visitors can walk or ride bikes to Don Lai Island to see the Li Phi Waterfall or take a trip to see freshwater dolphins from the tip of Don Khone.

To get to Don Det or Don Khone from Pakse, take Route.13 South for about 141 km and turn right onto a dirt road at the sign pointing to Nakasang (the end ofthe road). From the pier, you can take a boat to Don Det, which is about 15 minutes away. From the pier at Don Det, you can take a shuttle bus to Don Khone Island - it's a 25 minutes ride.