Sunset, Kwuangsi, Pak Ou Caves, Dinner and Dance Cruises on the Mekong River and many more

The Mighty Mekong is how people usually quip about the river. Just how mighty is it, you have to experience it for yourself by going on one of these cruises available in Luang Prabang. 

A 2 days cruise from Huay Xai stopping over at Pakbeng connecting tourists coming from Chiang Rai, Thailand to Luang Prabang. This journey across the river allows you to gain a different perspective of Lao's sights and sounds, reconnect with nature and yourself as you wander in peace on Mekong River's pace. Shompoo Cruise is highly regarded for this journey. 

For the luxury travelers, Mekong Kingdom allows you to experience the wonders of the Mekong, aboard a luxurious Luang Prabang cruise.

For travellers who do not have time to travel days by cruise to Thailand or other provinces. The best way to experience the Mekong in a few hours will be a Sunset Cruise on the Mekong River. Have a relaxed and carefree time lazying around the boat while enjoying the slight breeze in your face and warm sunshine glowing. As you float towards the ever-expanding river and mountains while the orange glow slowly fades into the background. It doesn't hurt to have a few beers and snacks along the way to make your journey perfect. 

A half-day cruise on the Mekong is also a popular option for visiting the Pak Ou Cave or Kwuangsi Waterfalls or Pottery/Handicraft Village.

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