The Xe Set River originates in the Bolaven Plateau’s north and continues in the same direction to the highland’s edge before plummeting 90 meters off a totally vertical cliff at Tad Soung. It continues for a few km more before it cascades through Tad Lo and Tad Hang.

Reaching the head of the falls is quite easy; it takes a walk of less than 1 km from Saneum Nai to reach a set of natural stairs descending to Tad Soung. French colonials built a series of ladders along a similar route, but a rockslide destroyed them decades ago.

The dazzling valley panorama and mountains awaiting are akin to a kaleidoscope. Though maneuvering to view the waterfall can be tricky, each angle presents a different scene. Stand a few meters upriver, and the water vanishes into a great void. Move to the right, and watch the quiet flow transform into turbulent foam as it jumps from the cliff. Look straight down, and the rocky river gives no signs that it acts as a basin for a towering flume. The Xe Set River is a phenomenon to behold.