Contributor Platform User Guide
Contributor Platform User Guide


Contributor Platform User Guide


An Overview of Discover Laos Today Contributor Platform

Discover Laos Today is pleased to inform that our article posting system has now been enabled for outside contributors, in particular tourism professionals in Laos who wish to promote their products and increase their brand awareness. Articles that offer Laos tourism industry viewpoints on traveling Laos, unique activities and authentic stories would be much appreciated!

With Discover Laos Today Contributor Platform, you can create high quality articles with user-friendly interfaces. This novelty tech in Laos enables tourism-related companies to start showcasing their products and stories, raising brand awareness and ultimately generate sales.

How it works -- writers

  1. Anyone (or any brand) can sign up for Discover Laos account,
  2. Start writing relevant content.
  3. We approve
  4. Live

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Step 1  Create an account/Log in

Once you're on Discover Laos Today Website, click log in.

From here you have two options: If you have not yet had an account, click register or If you already created, go ahead and fill  in necessary information and log in.

Note: After signing up, you will not be able to log in right away. The system will send you an email and require you to confirm and activate in order to log in.

Step 2: Customize your profile


It is important to add information accordingly, especially your bio as it helps the readers to know you better. Or if they're interested in your brand, you might want to contact you directly!

After customizing your profile, it will look like this:


Step 3: Contributor Platform

After customizing your profile, head over to contributor platform to view your Posts Listing. "Add New" to create a new post/article.

Step 4: "Add New"


The editorial page consists 5 main components: Category, Title, Short Description, Description and Image (As viewed above)

Categories (Travel Tips)

  1. Visa Info
  2. Weather
  3. Etiquette
  4. Laotian Culture
  5. Safety
  6. Accessibility
  7. Travel Advisory

Category (Tourism Experience Center)

  1. Direct is better!
  2. Product Launch
  3. M.I.C.E
  4. Social Enterprise
  5. Luxury Travel
  6. Family Travel
  7. Wellness Experience
  8. Golf
  9. Sustainable Travel
  10. F&B Info & Offers

Our editorial tools are alike Microsoft Word. You can customize the layout/style based on your preference  as well as enhancing readers' experiences by add some images, info-graphics or video link. The world is your oyster!

Here is an example:



After adding and customizing everything already, hit submit. 

Here are some guidelines for writing on Discover Laos Today Contributors Platform:

  1. All content must be original and regarding tourism industry in Laos
  2. Length is flexible, but minimum word count is 500 words
  3. No misleading or miscellaneous information

If your content fits the criteria above, our team shall review and live it within 24 hours!


In the contributor page, all your posts listing would be displayed. You can always go back and edit!

Hotel owners/Tourism operators/F&B/Travel Enthusiast

Join us by contributing your product knowledge and build the first lao tourism crowd collaborative community today! Get your brand/business/story discovered!

Supported by Lao Tourism Board (Initiative by DiscoverLaosToday - Building tomorrow's digital economy)


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A young, enthusiastic social media and content creator, Voy researches and promotes Lao companies' products and services through innovative and exciting contents to engage audiences on the website and multiple social media platforms.