Discover Laos Today Launches Discover Laos Food
Discover Laos Today Launches Discover Laos Food


Discover Laos Today Launches Discover Laos Food


New pilot project offering food delivery services utilising the latest in green technology hopes to shake up the market.


Discover Laos Today is proud to announce the launch of its newest project “Discover Laos Food” (DLF). DLF promises to revolutionise the food ordering and delivery industry in Laos by offering better prices and innovative technology. 


Many of the existing food delivery platforms charge restaurants as much as 40% commission. This is a huge cost for businesses to absorb, especially in these very challenging times. DLF promises to charge only 10% commission, which is around a quarter of other platforms. 

Payments can be processed through BCEL OnePay, allowing for contactless payments which will greatly reduce the risk of COVID.

Delivery fees will be set by distance, but also promise to be lower than the competitors. A flat fate of 3,000 kip per kilometre from restaurant by straight line raidus will be applied to deliveries, giving customers a clear and transparent understanding of the fees applied to their order.


Deliveries will be made on electric scooters in Luang Prabang at beginning, reducing carbon emissions and noise in the World Heritage City of Luang Prabang. The initial pilot program features nine electric scooters delivering food from 20 restaurants in Luang Prabang. 

Once the pilot program has proven its viability further rollouts will feature other cities, other digital wallets, and a wider range of restaurants. 


Discover Laos Food also includes the option for restaurants to switch to a cloud based POS system. This easy to use system is designed specifically for the Lao market and aims to help increase efficiency and ultimately profits. This requires no additional hardware and is compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Its ease of use and accessibility is perfect for the Lao market where many users are already very comfortable using digital devices. 


This is a very exciting time for Discover Laos Today and Discover Laos Food. We encourage you follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date on the latest developments and future plans. 


Benny Kong

A firm believer that Laos has much to offer in terms of Tourism to the world. Benny is the Programme Director and runs business development and strategic planning for Discover Laos Today. Find out more about us at