Vang Vieng has overwhelming umpteen caverns waiting for you to probe and one of them is the newfangled cave that was recently discovered by the owner of the land so-called "Tham NangFa (Angel Cave)" which is located on the banks of Nam Song River around 3 miles from the town at WanSaNgao village in the north of Vang Vieng.

This cavern considered a big cave that massive eerily lit up with gel spotlights that filling by the huge limestone formations and has spectacular stalactites in various unique formations, whether in Buddha, kitchen, or animals, and so forth. Take a guided or self-guided tour walk through the grand hall, along the pavement into a narrow alley and relish the attractiveness of stalactites that was hidden in this cavern. 

In addition, after completing the Tham NangFa (Angel Cave) exploration, Continue to explore the close at hand cavern named “Tham None” that has water inside the cavern which is you can easy to get inside with kayak boat or tube and rope. Then Ziplining along the Nam Song River to admire the aesthetic overview of the river, cliffs, and mountains from on high. 

How to get there: it fairly simple to reach there, you can either take a tuk-tuk or rent a scooter/ATV.