Angnamtong Reservoir is a reservoir in Meuang Feuang, Vientiane. It is also a popular new check-in point that everyone should not miss. Good atmosphere, small huts. Let everyone relaxing and chilling There are also activities such as boating, paddle boating, suitable for relaxing with friends or family.
The house does not include bathing :50,000 Kip per day until 5:30 PM. Beyond that time, a 50,000 Kip will be charged.
The house  are charged 80,000 Kip per day until 5:30 PM. There will be an additional charge of 80,000 Kip.
Customers can bring food and beverages in. Absolutely except beer.
Not far from the capital It takes about 90 minutes to reach Ban Huai Dua, Phuong City, Vientiane.