HueanPhae Mueang Feuang
Mueang Feuang is another city with beautiful scenery full of local natural charm and is considered a popular tourist destination for both foreign tourists, including Lao people. If you come to Mueang Feuang, you must try to visit  a houseboat by the water. Experience the natural atmosphere and learn the way of life of the community. Plenty of natural rafts, clear and cool water, offering alms to monks along the waterfront.
The rooms here are spacious, clean, comfortable, and come with a beautiful view. There is a full set of kitchen utensils for you to bring your own food to cook. Another activity that should not be missed is a boat trip. Experience the atmosphere on both sides of the waterfront.

Interested in rooms, contact INBOX / WHATSAPP: 02054499298
Meung Feung Ni Yome Floating House