Sinxayaram Temple, a Buddhist attraction Sinxayaram Temple is a land of study of the origins of Buddhism. Both courting Tao Sinxay in the past The temple is surrounded by mountains and forests that are cool all year round.

In addition, the aforementioned temple is also a land of Dharma for Lao people to visit as well. and study in different parts of the temple with pictures of various Buddhist events of many Buddhas to understand the history of Buddhism easier as well as worshiping various blessings such as Suan Wan Wan, amounting to 1,250 Buddha images; Amphawan Park related to the Mahawan Forest Park, the Buddha's regular doctor and others in the temple also has other interesting activities such as mid-May. Worshiping is offered on the day of Vesak, the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. The temple also hosts daily dharma activities such as morning, afternoon and evening prayers, as well as being able to hibernate and other traditions.

Sinxayaram Temple is located in : Non Hin Hae Village, Phuong District, Vientiane Province. It is about 26 km. from the junction into the city.