Don Khong is the largest and Northern-most of the 4000 Islands. It is also the capital of Khong District and is the logical base for trips to the rest of the islands. The island boasts 99 mountain tops, a rich heritage of temples (15 in total) and French colonial buildings. It is 24 km long and 8 Km wide and has 19 villages, many of which derive their livelihood from fishing. The main market in Ban Kang Don is a great place to visit in the early morning to see the many varieties of fresh mekong fish available.

Other specialty products of the island include palm sugar, palm leaf hats, and Lao Kao Gum - a potent alcohol. Two of the island’s mountains, Phou Kyo and Phou Kew, each have sacred caves and offer a refreshing walk in the forest with clear views of the island. A fantastic way to see the island is to drive along the paved ring road around by bicycle or motorbike. It is recommended to visit the “Historical Museum of Don Khong”, located in the center of the island, to glean insights into the lifestyle of the Don Khong people.

To get to Don Khong from Pakse, take Route.13 South and travel for about 130 km, turning right at the sign pointing to “the Don Khong”. Follow the paved road straight ahead for 4 km to the bridge, whereupon you cross Mekong river to Don Khong.