An insider's guide to The Rock Viewpoint
An insider's guide to The Rock Viewpoint


An insider's guide to The Rock Viewpoint


The Rock Viewpoint is one of the most popular adventure activities in Laos. Opened in 2019 by the Inthira Group, The Rock Viewpoint has been busy ever since it opened. Located in the north of Khammouane Province, and on the northern section of the popular Thakek Loop, it is a must visit destination for anyone travelling in the area. 


Popular with domestic travellers and international guests alike, the viewpoint has something for everyone! 

Khop Chai Der Restaurant serves what is often referred to as the best coffee in Khammouane Province, as well as a range of delicious Lao and western dishes, all served with an incredible view of the Limestone Forest. 

For more adventurous souls, The Rock Viewpoint offers an incredible way to explore this unique landscape. Fly through the air on ziplines between ancient karsts, soaring over deep valleys and pointed limestone ridges. Summit cliffs on a via ferrata and walk on air over Asia’s largest spiderweb rope bridge. The ziplines take around 2 hours to complete with a break in the middle at a viewpoint with 360 degree views of the protected area. 

Nature lovers can take in the fantastic views while trying to spot the endangered Laotian Langur, endemic to the area. There is a troop of around 20 Langurs who range around Viewpoint, traversing the area on a loop of around four days. If you are very lucky you can spot them from the restaurant, or from the viewpoint in the middle of the zipline course. 


The best way to experience The Rock Viewpoint is with the Sunset Tour. Enjoy all the ziplines, suspended bridges, and via ferrata, all lit with the golden light of sunset. Watch the sun dip below the craggy peaks of Phou Hin Boun, while listening for the evening calls of the langurs. Book this fantastic experience by clicking here.


The Rock Viewpoint is a very popular attraction and can get busy. Here are our recommendations to make sure that you get the most out of the experience:


  • Book ahead, especially on weekends and holidays. The popularity of the ziplines can not be over stated. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your trip before you go. Click here to book your adventure instantly!
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. It can get hot out there and you’ll want something to drink while taking in the views. 
  • Bring sunscreen and a long sleeved shirt. You will be out on the rocks for up to two hours and there is very little shade. To make sure you won’t regret the experience make sure you are protecting yourself from the sun.
  • Wear closed shoes. You will be climbing over sharp rocks and flying through the air, so you want some good footwear to protect your feet, and something that won’t come off. 
  • Secure your phone/camera. You will definitely want to take photos of your experience, but you don’t want to ruin the day by dropping your phone into the valley far below. Make sure your phone or camera is secure inside a bag or pocket that you can zip closed, or attached to you with a strong lanyard.


The Rock Viewpoint is one of Lao’s most popular attractions, and once you visit you will understand why. So check it out for yourself and Discover Laos Today!


David Ormsby

David is a writer, explorer, adventurer, outdoor educator, and guide. He was worked across the Asia Pacific in a number of different roles within the eco-tourism and outdoor industry. Since 2016 David has lived and worked in Laos, and brings a depth of experience to his writing in Laos.