The six villages that make up the Na Lao Cluster specialize in bamboo and rattan handicrafts, a trade that has been passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally, products include household items such as a variety of baskets, dining trays as well as fish traps, and fishing floats. These were produced primarily to serve the needs of the villagers. Recently the locals have started to diversify their product range to target the tourist market as well.

In addition to Ban Na Lao, the cluster’s namesake, the group consists of Ban Na Nyang, Ban Phonsavath, Ban Phon, Ban Phontha and Ban Na Thong, and is located in Phonhong District, around the new Provincial Administrative Offices on Route No.10. The six villages together are home to 5,426 people. For 85% of them, producing handicrafts is their secondary occupation, after farming. Interestingly, in contrast to other areas in Laos, the majority of handicraft producers are female. Other livelihood activities include distilling Lao rice alcohol and pig raising.