48 hours in Luang Prabang
48 hours in Luang Prabang


48 hours in Luang Prabang



Popolo Cantina 

A hip addition to the culinary palette of Luang Prabang, Popolo is located in a lovingly restored heritage building and serves up a delicious menu of Mediterranean cuisine. They have a fantastic selection of fresh salads, pasta, and pizza from their wood-fired oven, which go down great with one of their creative cocktails.



This favorite of the food scene serves up unique reinterpretations based on  traditional Asian home cooking. The restaurant has become a haven for photographers and foodies alike, as every dish drips with creative presentation. Specialties include Cinnamon Pork Stew, Gnocchi Green Curry, and salads called “Buddha Bowls” made of fresh local vegetables.


Sena Steak House  

A great option for meat lovers and those who love them. Succulent steaks, both local and imported, are seared to perfection by a western chef. Burgers and salads are also on offer, as well as Lao and Italian food. Wine and cocktail pairings are also on offer to enhance the people watching on this bustling end of the main street.











Champa Meuanglao

Champa Meuanglao (CML) is the official inflight magazine of Lao Airlines, the proud national carrier of Laos, that features an interesting cross-section of articles detailing the hottest travel destinations, trendy lifestyles and business ideas. Champa Meuanglao produces is tri-lingual (English, Lao, and Chinese), with content for an audience comprising local and regional frequent business travellers and tourists.