Among the most magnificent of Vang Vieng’s geological wonders, Pha Ngeun (Silver Cliff) rises 250 meters high and offers stunning views of Vang Vieng from atop its sheer silver-colored rock face. The 2km-wide cliff looks down on the forests, rice fields, and villages below as well as across the valley to Pha Boua Mountain, but it takes a bit of a climb to reach the peak.

The cliff’s name is clouded in confusion. Local villagers had called it Noi (Small) Cliff, while the national map labelled it Kang Cliff. In 1995, villagers moved closer to Pha Ngeun and started to explore it more thoroughly. Because of the beauty of the monolith, they agreed it should take on the name “Silver Cliff”.

Location: Cross the Nam Xong in the southern end of townat the Paradise Island Bridge to Ban Houay Nyae. Follow the dirt road for around 4 km until Phone Ngeun Village. From there, hike up the trail to the top of Pha Ngeun.