Experience true adventure at Blue Lagoon 2, Blue Lagoon 2 is around 40-minutes ride from the city center. This is the sunniest and quietest area which is a perfect spot for people who desire to relax and reconnect with nature once again for admiring its beauty. 

Blue Lagoon 2 is a natural pool at the underside of the mountains that is surrounded by verdant trees and gardens with the crystal clear water offering majestic views of the surrounding scenery. There is a huge area for swimming with platforms for jumping, small ziplines, swing, and a number of deck chairs for sunbathing and relaxing. 

This is about a flawlessly nice spot for you to take a break, calm, and revel in with nature that is tough to conceive nowadays. It is viable both to come to go with family, pals or on your own, you will have a stunning time at this impressive place. 

How to get there: You can either get there via Tuk-Tuk, rent a buggy car, or a motorbike. 

The entrance fee of 10,000 Kip and opening hours are daily from 9 am until 5:30 pm.