Kaeng Nyui is a 30 meter waterfall situated on the eastern side of Vang Vieng town. Kaeng Nyui Waterfall is very powerful in the wet season, but can slow to a trickle in the driest months of April/May. Reaching the waterfall involves a walk along the Houay Nyui and Nam Lao streams past a number of cascades and a smaller waterfall called Kenlon falls. Kenlon has a drop of about 5 meters, into a lovely swimming pool about nine meters in diameter.

Villagers from Ban Naduang are the traditional owners of the site, and have constructed the paths following the stream to both waterfalls, small bridges and other facilities, as well as maintaining swimming holes, and a picnic area along the stream and in the surrounding nature reserve. They also manage the car park and own the foodstalls. Pick up some local delicacies here for a picnic alongside the stream.

Note: If you would like a village guide, you can enquire in Naduang Village. A village guide can identify the flora and fauna of the forest as well as explain how some of the forest products encountered on the trails are traditionally used. Also note that a small entry fee is charged at the ticket booth to raise essential funds for the village to manage and maintain the site