Ever wondered how Vang Vieng would look from the air? The quick answer is: it's surreal. Though these attractions are not cheap and are weather-dependent, there's nary a person who regretted trying. Here are some ways you can do it yourself.

Hot air balloon ride: Unlike other tourist destinations famous for their hot air balloon rides, Vang Vieng's airspace is not overcrowded with balloons. The best time to get the gorgeous views of the town is near dawn and dusk, when the rising and setting sun paints the sky a soft golden hue.

Paramotor: Similar to a hang-glider, the 20-minute ride promises to be a unique experience. Power through the air with a motorised parachute; it's a freedom that's difficult to replicate.

Ziplining: Offered at multiple locations in Vang Vieng, there are many operators who can offer day packages that include ziplining, in conjunction with other activities. Flying across Nam Song river or the Blue Lagoon are the fan-favourites.