Golden Crab Cave dive 100 meters into the ground after passing through the small entrance hole. However, the cave widens once inside, where a reclining Buddha statue welcomes visitors to a place once serving as home to bats, gibbons, monkeys, and antelopes. Tham Pou Kham has several wet rock formations, including a pair of “Golden Crabs”. Don’t forget your torch. After you are done exploring the cavern, go for a cold swim in the Ka River’s water hold. The water is clean, deep, and safe for jumping in from the trees, and a small locally-owned shop serves meals and snacks.

Location: Cross the Nam Xong in southern end of town at the Paradise Island Bridge to Ban Houay Nyae. Follow the dirt road past the village and turn right (north) at the sharp left-hand turn at Nathong Tai Village. The trail to the cave starts about 1 kilometer past the junction in Ban Nathong Neua.