A Lao-style bamboo houseboat is a new relaxing place to stay along the Ou river which is surrounded by lush nature with big mountains all the way down the river. 

There are a total of 7 bamboo houseboats along the side with private balconies for you to chill with the natural landscape views right before going to bed and after you wake up or you can even have a small BBQ party on your own on your balcony.

With Bio Bamboo Heuanphae Nam Ou you will be able to take a rest with a small budget of only 250,000kip/night including free breakfast for 2 persons.

Besides, if you don’t want to stay for a night, there is also a delicious restaurant for you to stop by and admire the surrounding nature with views of the Ou River to refresh and release your exhaustion after a long week before the start of the new week.

Located in Pak Chak Village, Pak U District, Luang Prabang, Road No. 13 is a convenient road not far from Luang Prabang and about 45 km, just 50 minutes drive.

For more information, call 020 23879655 or 020 23866866.