There are a few handicraft village in Luang Prabang but Ban Xang Khong is most accessible and more unique villages with many old shophouses and artisans running private businesses.

If you are travelling by foot, it is accessible by walking across the bamboo bridge during the low tide seasons. Once you cross the bamboo bridge from the Mekong River and NamKhan River intersect, just continue walking uphill and you will hit the main paved road. Continue walking around 500metres and you will see authentic Laos Traditional Houses making a variety of paper, wood and silk products. 

Alternatively, many cyclists enjoy riding across the old wooden bridge which is itself an attraction. After crossing the old bridge turn left one the first junction, a gentle ride along the Nam Khan River of 15-20 minutes will bring you the village. 

The specialities here are handwoven silk and saa paper, which is paper made from fast-growing mulberry bark naturally shed by the tree—so you don't need to worry about being a tree killer. 

The newly paved road brings great convenience and accessibility. You can join daily activities and observe how local products at the night market are produced such as Sa Paper painting/lantern/bookmarks using environmentally friendly techniques handed down for generations. 

Our site works directly with the fair trade villages and allows you to try one of their unique activities.