Take a break from a hassle city to relax at the houseboat nearby Pak Ou cave, driving 30 minutes from Luang Prabang town. To make it easier for customers to reach there, there is a boat transfer for free which will send you to the houseboat on the other side of the river and bring you back again. 

At Heuan Phae Mekong, you can even have a small BBQ party on your balcony or order some food from their restaurant. Moreover, you can also do a Morning Alms (Sai Bat) along the Ou River in the morning from your balcony.

Get yourself some fresh air and boost your energy with sunrise and sunset views in front of your private balcony. Sipping beer and chilling with lush mountains and nature at Heuan Phae Mekong with only 300,000kip/night.

Contact for more information: 020 54 992 828