A Local's café guide to Luang Prabang: Where to find the cutest cafés + the best coffee by Liz Hirschauer

Coffee Culture in Laos  (Best Article Recommendation)

Laos’ neighbour, Vietnam, gets a lot of attention for its thriving coffee culture and the delicious roasts it produces— and rightfully so. But, no one should count Laos out of the coffee game. In fact, Laos produces some of the most exceptional coffee in the world, especially if you like it rich and strong.

A majority of the coffee produced in Laos is grown in southern Laos. This area of the country forms a relatively cool and damp microclimate, ideal for coffee plantations. There has been a recent surge in coffee production in northern Laos after agricultural researchers found the mountains great for growing coffee. Coffee up north has proven to be a valuable source of income for hill tribes who relied on opium production before the government banned it. Organic farming is increasingly popular, which has resulted in a wide variety of delicious organic coffee sold in major food and tourist shops around Laos.

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