The garden is built on land that was formerly the site of a hunting pavilion owned by the rulers of Luang Prabang - Laos put an end to the monarchy when the country became communist in 1975.

Discover the incredibly diverse flora of Laos and learn how local people have been using plants for medicine, food, and wellbeing for centuries. There is plenty to explore – from the 280 species of ginger plants in the Ginger Garden to the medicinal plants in the ethnic-botanic section which is divided into areas such as ‘plants for women’s health’ and ‘plants for skin conditions‘. There’s a lovely restaurant on site where you can grab some food and enjoy the greenery – as well as a pond full of water lilies.

How to get there

We are located 15 minutes, by boat, from Luang Prabang. To access the garden visitors can catch a boat from our downtown reception in Ban Wat That. Closed on Wednesdays.